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Hi Ladies!..

In FlexTour, we are talking about a large portion of women in Slovakia and Europe, mostly of those younger women, maybe without experience but with good inter personal skills; and mature women on the other hand, bearing natural and experience oriented talent that have been away from the labor market for some time; both named as inactive women. An increase in the employment rate, and in particular the employment of women, can be achieved only if proper and flexible form of employment is available.

Tourism is undoubtedly one of the most promising and fastest-growing sectors in Europe. It is proven fact, that more females than males are working on a part-time basis within the tourism industry. The main advantage of part-time work is that there is more flexibility in the hours worked. In fact, part-timers are usually more flexible than full-timers in terms of hours of work. It can be the case that the flexibility of part-time work is likely to attract more female employees since it enables them to maintain a balance between work and family responsibilities. However, part-time or flexible working could create difficulties when it comes to staff training, due to lack of time and logistics. At this point, the introduction of mentoring concept is complementary solution together with employment in tourism sector; for integrating or re-integrating inactive women in the labor market.

Based on this phenomena, the concrete aim of FlexTour project is to provide e-training program for inactive experienced (in business/working life) women to be able to enter/re-enter the labor market especially in a flexible form of employment in the field of Hotel Industry and Gastronomy as 'mentors', so that, they will do 'mentoring' to other inactive women ('mentees') including youth, migrants and Roma people, who will start part-time (flexible) working in tourism field, who can be low educated or good educated, but willing to have a flexible form of working, and an employment opportunity in Hotel Industry and Gastronomy.

If you feel that you belong to this idea, you are already in the team!..

Welcome and enjoy!..

FlexTour Project Team

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