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FlexTour methodology is based on the optimisation of VET course and its implementation, by replying below constraints/conditions for the successful and suitable VET program design development and finalisation as a perfect model:

- In adult oriented VET systems, we foresee the learners to be "willing", so there must not be any obligation and the VET content should be based on this fact, be interactive, not boring, on contrary must be even full of humor; thus, our training program will include animations and movies other than usual training material,

- No VET quality check and necessary piloting can be realised without learners, neither without implementers; as the name implies, VET exists for and aims to concentrate in creating an employability chance for the learner at the maximum level; thus we shall bring mentors and mentees in the project from the first day,

- VET, targeting mentor training must also observe its quality/satisfactory level by monitoring mentees' performances on the work places and mentees' feedback; also receiving employers' feedback too, thus our system will use polls and surveys to receive opinions of all parties, so that our system will be kept improved until we finish the project and even later!..

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